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Monitoring Performance

Obermatt monitors the performance of its portfolios and the same is the case with the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index. We also run backtesting to see how well our Top 10 lists performed against real market indices.

We stand behind the Obermatt Method and also invest our own funds in the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index.

You can also track the market performance yourself.

The market performance only shows a snapshot. We believe in holding investments over the long term and not being too influenced by current market developments.

When comparing the OMSP1 with the SMI/SPI, one of the factors influencing performance will be how well pharmaceuticals and consumer goods, i.e. Nestle, perform. When they are stronger than the market, the SMI or SPI may show better performance than the more broadly diversified Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index. When pharmaceuticals and Nestle lag the overall economy, then the reverse will be true.

To understand how well the Obermatt Method of stock analysis performs in other situations, we have conducted a performance analysis of our own portfolio of stocks that Obermatt has built up over the years.

Note: These analyses are to be viewed with caution, since many factors can influence the outcome. Factors such as the time period taken for comparison, foreign exchange movements, and the weighting of stocks prevent an objective view on the performance of any selection of stocks.