July 15, 2016

Buying the cleaned up Nokia stock

Three years ago, Dr. Stern, the CEO of Obermatt, sold his iPhone and bought a Nokia phone instead. While most people thought he was crazy, he had good reasons: The Nokia phone is a much smaller distraction than the iPhone. He no longer feels compelled to constantly check for messages and updates and he has won back a significant amount of personal time, especially when commuting.

Today, Nokia’s stock is on the Obermatt Top 10 List of Good Value Stocks of the Euro Stoxx 50 Index. As you can see, the Obermatt ranks are all dark green - which is always a good indication to buy any stock.

We all know that Nokia has gone through difficult times recently. However, they have unloaded their troubled past to Microsoft. Now they are a pure technology company again, which gives them a fresh start into a very attractive internet and networking market.

Finally, Dr. Stern is a strong believer in Northern Europe, where strong work ethics and excellent education is combined with high living standards and unparalleled social services. All these ingredients are important for a safe, prosperous society. That makes investments in Northern European tech stocks very appealing to him.

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