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What the facts say and what the professionals think

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The financial performance of a company is reflected in the Value, Growth and Safety indicators at Obermatt. However, they don't reflect what professional investors think about the stock. For this reason, the Obermatt Sentiment Rank is added to the financial indicators to calculate the 360° View. This rank includes both financial performance and what professional investors think.

If you want to consider both what the financial facts and the professionals say, then our 360° Views are right for you. The current financials are just as important as are the positive vibes in the market, always in comparison to the other investor opportunities. This 360° View will drive your returns.

Even in times of high macroeconomic volatility, there are still investment opportunities where the financial facts are right and the professionals are optimistic. After all, what else can you do with your money? Keeping it under your pillow isn’t safe either and the funds in your bank account may be melted away by inflation. Being invested means being part of the economy.

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Metrics of the 360° View


Defined as:

Obermatt Value Rank, a consolidated assessment on price compared to revenues, earnings and book capital and the level of dividends


Defined as:

Obermatt Growth Rank, a consolidated assessment on revenue, profit, capital and shareholder return growth compared to alternatives


Defined as:

Obermatt Safety Rank, a consolidated assessment of metrics that measure the financing risk of the company (not the business risk)


Defined as:

Obermatt Sentiment Rank, a consolidated assessment of market sentiment, measured in analyst opinions, investor engagement and market news

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